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Recent Case Results

  • Kelly Keegan Helps Client Avoid Charges for Theft of and Tampering with a Motor Vehicle


    Kelly Keegan’s client, a juvenile, was facing potential charges of Felony Theft of a Motor Vehicle and/or Misdemeanor Tampering with a Motor Vehicle following an investigation by the Wright County Sheriff’s Office. Both of these criminal charges could have serious consequences on the client’s life. Kelly was determined to mitigate consequences for her client and contacted the Wright County Attorney’s Office. After presenting the prosecutor with information about her client, she was able to convince them not to press charges.

    • Case Type: Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Tampering with a Motor Vehicle
    • County: Wright
    • Outcome: Charges Declined
  • Kelly Keegan Gets Client Continuance for Dismissal on Failure to Drive with Due Care Charges


    On a snowy day, Kelly Keegan’s client got into a car accident when his car slid off the road. He was subsequently cited with Petty Misdemeanor Failure to Drive with Due Care – Speed Greater than Reasonable. The client frequently drove for his job, and worried about the consequences of this conviction on his record. When he tried to contact the prosecutor directly, he was told he would not be permitted to just pay a fine. Upon being hired, Kelly was able to negotiate a continuance for dismissal for her client, meaning that as long as he paid a fine and avoided any new traffic violations, the charges would be dismissed after one year. Kelly thus successfully avoided the negative consequences her client feared.

    • Case Type: Failure to Drive with Due Care
    • County: Anoka
    • Outcome: Continuance for Dismissal
  • Kelly Keegan Helps Client Avoid Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges


    Kelly Keegan’s client was under investigation by the Carver County Sheriff’s Office for possible charges of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, resulting from allegations that the client had inappropriately touched his stepdaughter. After several conversations, the Carver County Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute Kelly’s client.

    • Case Type: Criminal Sexual Conduct
    • County: Carver
    • Outcome: Charges Declined
  • Client Avoids Felony Murder and Possession of Controlled Substance Charges


    After an unfortunate overdose of a friend, Kelly’s client faced possible charges of Felony Third Degree Murder, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Driving While Impaired. Kelly investigated the case extensively, providing her findings to the Minneapolis Police Department detective. When the detective presented his investigation to the Hennepin County Attorney, they decided not to pursue any criminal charges against Kelly’s client.

    • Case Type: Murder, Possession of Controlled Substance, Driving While Impaired
    • County: Hennepin
    • Outcome: Charges Declined
  • Kelly Gets Stay of Adjudication for Client Charged with Gross Misdemeanor


    Kelly’s client was cited for Gross Misdemeanor Failure to Stop for School Bus Arm by the Blaine Police Department. After digging into the case, Kelly negotiated a deal with the prosecutor for an amended misdemeanor charge and a stay of adjudication. The client accepted this deal, meaning that her guilty plea would be held by the court until she successfully completed probation, after which the charge would be dismissed altogether.

    • Case Type: Failure to Stop for School Bus Arm
    • County: Anoka
    • Outcome: Stay of Adjudication

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