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Recent Case Results

  • Controlled Substance Possession Charges Dismissed and Forfeiture Avoided in Morrison County


    When Kelly Keegan’s client was pulled over for a traffic violation by the Minnesota State Patrol, he was questioned, searched, and later charged with Felony Fifth Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana). Additionally, the client’s car was forfeited. Kelly aggressively litigated the legality of the search of her client’s car, attempting to suppress evidence against him. Kelly was ultimately successful in getting the charges against her client dismissed, and also had his car returned to him.

    • Case Type: Possession of Controlled Substance
    • County: Morrison
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed; Property Returned
  • Kelly Keegan Has Arrest Records Expunged for Hopeful Medical Student


    Kelly Keegan’s client, a college student, was arrested in the City of Minneapolis for Felony Fifth Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance. The Hennepin County Attorney offered her a diversion program, which she completed. The client was never formally charged, but records remained of her arrest. The client hoped to become a doctor and feared the arrest record would inhibit her chances of acceptance to medical school. Kelly petitioned the court for an expungement of records of the client’s arrest. Kelly’s efforts were successful, and the records were sealed before the client applied to medical school.

    • Case Type: Expungement
    • County: Hennepin
    • Outcome: Expunged
  • Kelly Keegan Mitigates Sentence for Juvenile


    Kelly Keegan was hired to assist with sentencing for a juvenile who had already pled guilty to Felony Fifth Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana Wax). Kelly was successful in getting her client a stay of adjudication, meaning that the Court would not adjudicate him delinquent and that upon completion of probation, the charge would be dismissed.

    • Case Type: Possession of Controlled Substance
    • County: Hennepin
    • Outcome: Stay of Adjudication
  • Felony Malicious Punishment Charges Averted


    An investigation into Kelly Keegan’s client was initiated by the Roseville Police Department when doctors suspected her son’s injuries were not the result of an accident. Kelly’s client faced potential charges of Felony Malicious Punishment of a Child and Felony Third Degree Assault. After significant communications with the detective on the case and facilitating an interview of her client, Kelly was able to convince the Roseville Police Department to close their investigation without criminal charges.

    • Case Type: Malicious Punishment, Assault
    • County: Ramsey
    • Outcome: Investigation Closed
  • Gun Rights Restored for Client with Burglary Conviction


    Kelly’s client was convicted of Aiding and Abetting Second Degree Burglary over twenty-five years prior. While on probation, he was convicted of Felony Fifth Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance. Both convictions were during a period of the client’s life when he was addicted to methamphetamine. Years later, the client was a family man with his own business and wanted to move on from these offenses. Kelly filed a petition in Washington County, and met strong objections from the County Attorney’s Office. Despite their objections, Kelly was able to present a convincing case, and ultimately the judge restored the client’s gun rights.

    • Case Type: Gun Rights Restoration
    • County: Washington
    • Outcome: Gun Rights Restored

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