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Recent Case Results

  • Kelly Restores Gun Rights for Client with Juvenile Theft Adjudication


    When Kelly’s client was 14 years old, he stole a snowblower from an open garage. He was adjudicated delinquent of Felony Third Degree Burglary, resulting in a lifetime loss of firearm rights. After the client’s offense, he worked on changing the direction of his life. Over twenty years later, he was a father of two and had a steady job. He hoped to be able to hunt with friends and to teach his daughters firearms safety. He sought Kelly’s help in restoring his rights. Kelly successfully convinced the Court that her client had rehabilitated and was not a threat to public safety, and the client’s rights were thus restored.

    • Case Type: Gun Rights Restoration
    • County: Ramsey
    • Outcome: Gun Rights Restored
  • Kelly Keegan Expunges Dismissed Record


    Kelly Keegan’s client was arrested on suspicion of a prostitution crime several years earlier. His case resolved in a continuance for dismissal, but records still remained of the offense. Seeking a creative solution, Kelly negotiated with the former prosecutor to agree to the expungement so that the required timelines for a hearing could be avoided. The expungement was promptly granted without the need for a hearing.

    • Case Type: Expungement
    • County: Anoka
    • Outcome: Expunged
  • Kelly Keegan Negotiates Continuance for Dismissal for Client


    Kelly Keegan’s client was charged by the City of Champlin with Fifth Degree Assault, after an altercation involving a family member. The client was distraught about the conflict. After several communications with the prosecutor, including a breakdown of the event and a summary of the client’s background, Kelly was able to negotiate a Continuance for Dismissal. This means that after six months of no new offenses, the charge against Kelly’s client will be dismissed.

    • Case Type: Assault
    • County: Hennepin
    • Outcome: Continuance for Dismissal
  • Kelly Keegan Clarifies Client is not Prohibited from Possessing Firearms


    Kelly Keegan’s client had a conviction for Gross Misdemeanor Threats of Violence. Despite receiving a permit to purchase, he was denied the purchase of a firearm because he had an Identification for Firearms Sales (IFFS) flag from the FBI for his conviction. After digging into his case and determining that he was not prohibited from possessing firearms, Kelly worked with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to clear his IFFS flag. This will allow her client to purchase a firearm without issue.

    • Case Type: Gun Rights - IFFS Flag
    • County: Wright
    • Outcome: IFFS Flag Cleared
  • Gun Rights Restored for Juvenile Case


    When Kelly’s client was just 15 years old, he was charged with Felony Terroristic Threats in Carver County. At the time, he was just a kid with an attitude problem. He later went on to join the Marine Corps and became an upstanding citizen. Over 15 years later, he learned that he was prohibited from possessing firearms. In his career, the client often worked with law enforcement and was around firearms. The knowledge that he was prohibited was an unfortunate surprise, and so he immediately sought a solution. Kelly petitioned the Court for restoration of her client’s right to possess firearms. After submitting compelling background information to the Carver County Attorney’s Office, the prosecutor waived any objection to the petition, and the Court subsequently granted the client’s request for restoration of his rights. Now Kelly’s client can continue his work without limitations.

    • Case Type: Gun Rights Restoration
    • County: Carver
    • Outcome: Gun Rights Restored

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