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Recent Case Results

  • Kelly Keegan Successfully Challenges Client’s Permit to Purchase Denial


    Kelly’s client retained her after the Deephaven Police Department denied his application for a Permit to Purchase due to a conviction for Felony Driving While Impaired. Kelly contacted the police department to challenge the denial, arguing that the denial was incorrect because Felony Driving While Impaired is not a prohibiting conviction. Upon review, the Deephaven Police Department agreed  and issued Kelly’s client his Permit to Purchase.

    • Case Type: Gun Rights Restoration-Permit to Purchase Denial
    • County: Hennepin
    • Outcome: Permit to Purchase Granted
  • Client Arrested with Over 100 pounds of Marijuana Gets Diversion


    Kelly Keegan’s client retained her while facing the possibility of many years in prison after he was stopped by a State Trooper in Nobles County and alleged to be in possession of over 100 pounds of marijuana. He was charged with multiple felony counts of possession and sale. Her client had also previously served time in prison. Kelly aggressively represented her client, cross examining the State Trooper in a contested hearing and arguing the trooper did not have the right to stop her client’s vehicle. Despite the fact that her client faced serious prison time if convicted of the felony and possession charges, she was ultimately able to negotiate diversion, resulting in a dismissal of the charges, after reaching an agreement with the prosecutor before the judge issued a ruling on whether the trooper had the right to stop the vehicle. As part of the agreement, cases against her client’s co-defendants were also dismissed.

    • Case Type: Felony Drug Possession and Sale
    • County: Nobles
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed/Diversion
  • Investigation into Allegations of Client’s Criminal Sexual Conduct Is Dropped


    Kelly’s client retained her while under investigation by the Bloomington Police Department to defend against possible charges of Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct. Kelly informed the police her client had retained and lawyer and stopped them from speaking with her client, and contacted the investigators multiple times to pressure them to drop the investigation. Ultimately, with Kelly’s intervention, the Bloomington County Police Department decided to close their investigation and not forward it to prosecutors for prosecution.  

    • Case Type: Preliminary Investigation - Criminal Sexual Conduct
    • County: Hennepin
    • Outcome: Charges Dropped/Investigation Closed
  • Underage Consumption and Age Misrepresentation Charges Dismissed


    Kelly’s client retained her after being charged with underage drinking and using a fake ID at the Mystic Lake Casino in Scott County. After several court appearances and negotiations with the prosecutor, Kelly negotiated a plea agreement for her client dismissing the Age Misrepresentation (Fake ID) charge, and continuing the underage consumption charge for dismissal, meaning that the charge will be dismissed in one year if her client does not commit any same or similar offenses.

    • Case Type: Underage Consumption / Fake Identification
    • County: Scott
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed
  • Kelly’s Juvenile Client Granted Stay of Adjudication for Speeding; Racing Reckless Charge Dismissed


    Kelly’s client, a senior in high school in Anoka County, was charged with speeding (99 mph in a 55 zone) and street racing following an incident in which he raced a motorcycle from a stoplight. Kelly negotiated an agreement with the prosecutor, subsequently approved by the presiding judge, whereby the racing charge was dismissed and the speeding charge was subject to a stay of adjudication for 180 days, meaning that if Kelly’s client has no new moving violations for that period the charge will be dismissed and the conviction will not be placed on his driving record.

    • Case Type: Juvenile Moving Violation: Speeding and Street Racing
    • County: Anoka
    • Outcome: Stay of Adjudication/Dismissal

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