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Recent Case Results

  • Kelly Keegan Negotiates Dismissal of Harassment Restraining Order


    A neighborhood dispute resulted in Kelly Keegan’s client being served with a Harassment Restraining Order. Kelly organized mediations between all the parties, which resulted in an agreement being reached and the Harassment Restraining Order dismissed.

    • Case Type: Harassment Restraining Order
    • County: Hennepin
    • Outcome: HRO Dismissed
  • Kelly Keegan Convinces Sheriff’s Office Conviction is Not Firearms Prohibitor


    When the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office denied her client a Permit to Carry, Kelly Keegan vigorously challenged the denial. In communications with the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office, Kelly proved that the client’s conviction for Misdemeanor Fifth Degree Assault – Fear was not a federal firearms prohibitor. In light of this information, the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office reversed its denial and issued Kelly’s client his Permit to Carry.

    • Case Type: Gun Rights - Permit Denial
    • County: Dakota
    • Outcome: Permit Issued
  • Kelly Keegan Helps Client Put Conviction Behind Him


    Over twenty years following a conviction for Misdemeanor Fifth Degree Domestic Assault, Kelly’s client sought her help cleaning up his criminal record. As a financial advisor, the client’s record often became an obstacle. Kelly petitioned the court for an expungement of his criminal case. In doing so, she also noticed that the statute for which he was convicted could lead to problems in possessing firearms because it did not specify a subdivision. She worked with the prosecutor to specify that his conviction was for Misdemeanor Fifth Degree Domestic Assault – Fear, which was not a firearms prohibitor. With the conviction statute updated, the record was eventually expunged. Kelly thus successfully mitigated the consequences of the client’s conviction.

    • Case Type: Expungement, Gun Rights
    • County: Dakota
    • Outcome: Expunged, Statute Clarified
  • Charges Dismissed Against Kelly Keegan’s Client with Firearm and Weapons Charges


    Kelly Keegan’s client was accused of multiple gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor counts when, after a routine traffic stop, officers believed her client was acting strange and proceeded to perform sobriety tests and searches of the client’s vehicle. Kelly challenged the legality of the traffic stop and search, arguing in motions to the Court that the officer had no reasonable articulable suspicion of criminal activity. After a hearing on the motion, the Court dismissed all charges against Kelly’s client.

    • Case Type: Possession of Pistol without Permit, Dangerous Weapons, Illegal Transport of Firearm
    • County: Goodhue
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed
  • Kelly Keegan Gets Charges Dismissed Against Client Accused of Domestic Assault


    Kelly Keegan’s client was charged with Domestic Assault when, after her boyfriend started a violent fight, the police arrived and failed to identify the primary aggressor. After extensive investigation, including locating video evidence of the fight from the apartment complex and interviewing neighbors, Kelly was able to demonstrate that her client was in fact the victim. When confronted with this evidence, the prosecutor dismissed the charges.

    • Case Type: Domestic Assault
    • County: Dakota
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed

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