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Protecting the Rights of All Minnesotans

Keegan Law Office is a unique law firm designed for the unique needs of Minnesotans. We’re led by attorney Kelly Keegan, whose passion for criminal defense, firearms rights, and helping people live full lives after legal missteps motivates us every day. Whether you’re in the Twin Cities or Greater Minnesota, reach out to us for help.

  • Criminal Defense
    We provide the aggressive defense you deserve if you’re charged with assault, drug offenses, sex crimes, theft, DWI, weapons offenses and more.
  • Expungements & Pardons
    A mistake from your past doesn’t have to haunt you forever. A 2015 change in the law means it may now be possible to have your arrest and/or conviction erased.
  • Gun Rights
    Firearms ownership is important to many Minnesotans, but the web of state and federal laws on gun rights is confusing. We can help.

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Kelly Keegan Restores Gun Rights so Client’s Wife Can Have Firearms in the Home


Kelly’s client was convicted in 2000 of Felony Fifth Degree Possession in Morrison County after a sheriff’s deputy discovered eight ounces of marijuana in his car following a stop for dark window tint. Over time, the lifetime firearm ban that resulted increasingly bothered her client, who wished to go to the shooting range with his brothers and shoot skeet. He felt particularly bad that his felony conviction affected his wife, who wished to obtain a gun but couldn’t keep it in the house due to fears about constructive possession. Kelly convinced the judge that her client had rehabilitated, pointing to his stable employment history with Delta Airlines and the fact he was given special security clearances that showed he was not a public safety threat, his long-time marriage to his wife and their support for their two special needs daughters, and the fact that this was his only criminal conviction.

  • Case Type: Gun Rights Restoration
  • County: Morrison
  • Outcome: Gun Rights Restored

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