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Recent Case Results

  • Client Under Investigation for Drug Trafficking Avoids Prosecution


    Kelly Keegan’s client was under investigation for mailing large quantities of controlled substances from the State of California to a house in Champlin, Minnesota. Her client was arrested, and a police investigation continued for over a year. After several conversations between Kelly and law enforcement investigators, the police and prosecutors elected not to bring charges against her client. Kelly oversaw the case to completion by then having records of the arrest removed from the client’s criminal record. Records of an arrest where no charges were ever filed can still appear on a background check and often do, limiting the opportunities of people in situations where the evidence never even supported a criminal charge. It is critical to be thorough and to understand how a stressful situation of an arrest can affect a client in many different ways.

    • Case Type: Drug Trafficking
    • County: Hennepin
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed
  • Kelly Successfully Challenges Sheriff Over Permit to Carry Denial; All Legal Costs Reimbursed


    Kelly’s client retained her after being denied a permit to carry by the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office due to a previous charge of felony fleeing an officer that was sentenced as a gross misdemeanor conviction. Kelly examined his record and determined the sheriff’s denial was incorrect, filing a writ of mandamus in Dakota County Court to compel the sheriff to issue the permit to her client. Prior to the court hearing the county agreed to settle, issuing Kelly’s client his permit to carry and fully reimbursing him for all his legal expenses.

    • Case Type: Gun Rights: Permit Denial Challenge
    • County: Dakota
    • Outcome: Permit Issued; Legal Costs Reimbursed
  • Kelly Keegan forces dismissal of domestic assault charges in Isanti County


    By aggressively pushing the case to trial in Isanti County, the prosecutor was forced to dismiss all charges against Ms. Keegan’s client. The case fell apart once witnesses were ordered to appear for trial and failed to show up on the day of trial.  Those accused of crimes have a constitutional right to confront their accusers in a court of law, and the ability to exercise those rights can make all the difference.

    • Case Type: Domestic Assault
    • County: Isanti
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed
  • Kelly Keegan Gets Charges Stemming From A Bar Brawl Dismissed


    A client was recently charged with Disorderly Conduct in the City of Anoka, Anoka County, for a night out in downtown Anoka in which he ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A shoving match between bar patrons and his friend spilled out onto the street, where officers mistakenly believed the client was responsible for starting the fight. Kelly Keegan had statements taken from several persons who were present that night and was able to show that this was a case of mistaken identity. She also put together information concerning the client’s background to show that this was not a person who would start fights at bars. At stake was the client’s livelihood as a teacher and his business as a peaceful conflict resolution counselor. A conviction for this offense would have been devastating to the client’s reputation.

    • Case Type: Disorderly Conduct
    • County: Anoka
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed
  • Kelly Keegan gets Felony Domestic Strangulation charges dismissed in Wright County


    Ms. Keegan’s client was charged in Wright County with Felony Domestic Strangulation for a fight that erupted between the client and his brother after a night of drinking. After months of holding out in negotiations for a dismissal, Ms. Keegan was notified two days before trial that the prosecutor would dismiss all charges.

    • Case Type: Felony Domestic Strangulation
    • County: Wright
    • Outcome: Charges Dismissed

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